- Our Story -

Like all dog owners I take my dogs diet very seriously and after all she is so much more than just a pet. About a year ago, after giving her store-brand treats, I noticed that Lexi wasn't really interested in them, so I thought that maybe she got bored of them and tried to get few other types to give her more variety, but she just was not interested, I also noticed that she would get upset tummy from some of them. 

Wanting to give my dog the best quality of life that I could, I decided to try making my own treats for Lexi. So after thorough research on what is good for them what is not good for them I was ready to start.

After the first batch was completed I was surprised to see Lexi right by my side with her nose in the tray and how she reacted to the new treats.

During our outings to the park, using the new treats, I found dogs of all sizes flocking me, and after a few polite requests found that it wasn't only Lexi who loved them.

It wasn't long before somebody asked me to make a few spare for them next time and it wasn't long before I found my inbox full of treat requests and that is why I decided to start this small business, to help dog owners far and wide, providing them with healthy dog treats at fair affordable prices.

How it all started